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What Eats Brands?

We are a team of professionals in the field of communication with the mission of promoting a brand and its excellences in the World, especially in the world of food.

Food and wine from the Marche region is rich in history and charm. Flavors of Adriatic fish to dishes of the hills and mountains, from’truffle oil, processed meat and cheese protected by the PGI logo, Brands offer an incredible variety of dishes, prepared in compliance with the recipes and traditions.

20 wines, DOC and DOCG tra, go well with the creations of local cuisine: in this land each flavor has its own wine and any mutation of the landscape correspond more or less intense aromas.

We'll let you "taste" the Marches.

Among the many recipes we have chosen Marche 6, one for each province.

The apprentice chef Joseph, with the help of professionals of the kitchen, we will discover the preparation of the most important recipes Marche as the mythical stuffed olives, the tasty broth to sambenedettese, the famous macaroni pasta with seafood, i vincisgrassi (known recipe Macerata), it stockfish all'anconetana and the rabbit in porchetta, specialties of the territory of Pesaro and Urbino.

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